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Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline can be used by most gymnasts. Fitted with 32 springs and white bed. Adjustable steepness.

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Dorado Trampoline

Dorado Trampoline is designed with focus on efficiency and design. The trampoline has 40 strong springs and Ross bed.

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Double Mini Trampoline

Double Mini Trampoline is perfect for training. A combination between a mini and a large trampoline. Available in two variants.

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Large Trampolines

PE-Redskaber distributes large trampolines from EuroTramp. We also stock spare parts.

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Accessories for Mini Trampolines

In this group you can find accessories for our mini trampolines.

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Spare parts for Mini Trampolines

Here you can find spare parts as frame pads, trampoline beds, springs, repair kits and more for mini-trampolines.

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Accessories for large trampolines

Trampoline beds, frame pads, springs etc. for large trampolines.

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Trampoline Parks

It is never boring to jump in a Trampoline Park! See the many options that can be in a Trampoline Park.

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