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Trampoline Parks

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    What is a Trampoline Park?

    A Trampoline Park is a hall which is equipped with many trampolines.
    The trampolines are not placed individually, but are all interconnected as one large jump area.
    There are in many cases angled trampolines on sides and ends.


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    What is the origin of Trampoline Parks?

    Trampoline Parks comes from the United States and has existed for several years.
    It is very popular destinations for children and adolescents.
    In recent years it has also become more and more popular in Europe.


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    Lots of different activities

    Imagine flying through the air landing on a large airbag or in lots of foam blocks.
    Practise movements in the air as you've always dreamt to master and land in an airbag - with minimal risk of injury.
    Perfect your style and have fun at the same time.
    Or jump with Bounce Board, play basketball, Dodge ball and much more.


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    Inclined trampolines

    In a Trampoline Park it is never boring to jump, although you jump for a long time.
    Children and adults of all ages will get a funny experience with wall-to-wall trampolines.
    Besides grouped trampolines, Trampoline Parks often have trampolines angled in 45°.
    It provides new challenges for the gymnasts.


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    Foam Jump

    Foam Jump is jump from trampolines into foam.
    Lots of Trampoline Parks offers Foam Jump areas where you can jump into large foampits or specially manufactured airbags, similar to those which stunt men use. The risk of injury, for example in connection with an incorrect landing, is significantly reduced with a foampit or an airbag and allows the gymnasts to practise new jumps and tricks with minimal risk of injury.

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    Bungee Trampolines

    In some cases there is also installed Bungee trampolines.
    These are often well attended in Trampoline Parks, however, they require a supervisor to help the gymnasts in the belts and to maintain security. The long rubber bands ensures the jumper and reduces risk of injury.

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