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A Trampoline Park is a major investment

We wish to help our customers make the right decision and therefore we gladly answer any questions our customers might have in decision-making. Below are listed some of the most frequently asked questions.


1. What is the average size of a Trampoline Park?
The average size of a Trampoline Park is about 1200-1400 m2 (trampolines). It typically requires a building at approximately 2400-2800 m2. (The number of trampoline square meter x 2).


2. What is the remaining space in a Trampoline Park typically used for?
We customize the layout for each Trampoline Park to maximize the available space as much as possible.
Typically, between 50 and 70 percent of the total area can be devoted for trampolines. The layout of the building can affect the size of the trampoline area. The remaining area inside the building will be used for necessities such as toilets, areas for parties, point of sale, offices, etc.


3. What are the requirements for a Trampoline Park?
The ground clearance must be at least 5.2 meters from floor to ceiling and 5.8 meters above any foam pit.

4. Where are the trampoline parts manufactured?
All steel, fabric and foam pads are manufactured in Fole in Denmark or other parts of Europe.
Our comprehensive manufacturing and skilled workforce allow us to produce and replace parts quickly.


5. Do you have a variety of floor plans of the centers?
We have our own designers and planners and take great pride in achieving the safest and most profitable custom layout.


6. What is the warranty of the equipment?
PE-Redskaber has produced gymnastics equipment and trampolines for almost 25 years. Word of mouth is the best marketing. Quality and service are key words - it's your best guarantee.
With our own production and sourcing in Europe, we offer great service and 10 years of warranty on the steel frame.
It is important to us that our reputation as a reliable trampoline manufacturer is maintained.

7. What makes PE-Redskaber different from other suppliers?
Technique: We work daily with focus on trampoline systems and gymnastics equipment.
We have in 25 years worked with innovation, functionality, quality and service. It has made it possible constantly to provide our customers with the leading technology and security in the market. We make rarely standard solutions, but try to adapt each project to customer needs.

Exclusive colours:
We manufacture foam pads for trampolines in colors on demand. Our artistic design team creates detailed 3D renderings to help customers choose the right color for their Trampoline Park. We have our own in-house advertising department which means that we can apply customer logo and design.

Installation: We have experienced engineers working in most parts of the world.

After sale: We make annual inspection and, if necessary, we can replace parts within a short time.

Reputation: Having produced gymnastics equipment and trampolines for 25 years, we know our most valuable asset: the reputation we have worked hard to achieve. We strive to exceed customer expectations and help them to their success.

Need to know more?
If you want to know more about Trampoline Parks, please feel free to contact us by phone +45 73 84 51 00.