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Landing Mats

Landing Mats manufactured in several different sizes and hardnesses. Heavy-duty PVC with handles on the sides.

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Landing Mat/Ramp

Landing Mat/Ramp is available in many configurations. Can also be used as general landing mat.

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Combi-Mat is an expanded Landing Mat, with side/end extensions. Measures 300 x 500 cm.

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Side/End extensions

With part of side/end extensions you can make many different setups.

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Pitzone - used as a semi-hard landing mat in foam pits.


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Soft top can be used in many configurations and is made of the same material as the softramp.

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Soft Ramp

Ideal for children and brilliant to rehearsal of new leaps. Stretch fabric on top and PVC bottom. Made of special foam.

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Air-Mats are made in many different sizes and hardnesses. It is extremely suitable in the practice of new and difficult jumps.

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Chameleon - Cover system.

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Accessories for Landing Mats

Here you will find accessories for Landing Mats.

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There are many different options when making logo print.

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TeamGym mat

Landing mat that complies with TeamGym's competition requirements.

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