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What is a foam Pit?


A foam pit from PE-Redskaber consists mainly of loose foam or a foam pad, lift, floor hatch and frame pad:

Loose foam

By using a loose foam pit, safety is increased for multi-rotations with and without twists. The risk of injury in the event of an unfortunate landing is minimised. 


Foam pad

The foam pad is the “heart” of the foam pit. The foam quality is of the utmost importance. It needs to have the right firmness in order to provide optimal safety. The foam pit is covered in a strong-quality stretch fabric. The fabric is colour-blocked in three colours to give the gymnast a better orientation in the air and thus greater safety. 



(Lift/lower mechanism) provides a vast amount of possibilities – not least, as a vaulting table for preliminary exercises and learning new jumps and techniques. PE-Redskaber manufactures foam pits that can be lifted up to 220 cm - of course, with a solid safety enclosure so you cannot fall under the lift. 


Floor hatch

The floor hatch entails that the foam pit can be placed in halls where other sports activities take place. A gentle transition between the fixed and the moveable floor is made so, for example, handball, football and badminton can be played on and next to the floor hatch.  

Frame pads

Frame pads provide extra safety, which entails that, the risk of the receiver or the gymnast being injured on the edges of the foam pit are considerably reduced if an accident should happen.