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Back Trainer

The perfect foam equipment for front, chest, shoulder and back training.

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Slide of foam

Children love to crawl, climb, slide and run up / down the sloping surfaces on the slide. It enhances their motor skills through play.


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Flik Trainer

Perfect for practicing back flips or handsprings.

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The Multitrainer is a multifunctional foam equipment. It can function as a Salto Box, Semicircular Foam Box, Foam Plugs or Foam Box.

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Tarpan Trainer

Tarpan Trainer - Foam Tarpan - perfect for training for example tzukahara.

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Dorado Foam

Training of the optimum take off technique.

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Salto Box

Salto Boxes are indispensable in any gym. Lightweight makes handling easy.

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Semicircular Foam Box

Semicircular Foam Box.

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Foam Ramp

Foam Ramps can be used in differend set-ups. Two sizes.

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Multi ramp

Perfect for exercising forward and back jumps.

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Foam Rolls

Stocked in 2 sizes. Manufactured in strong cover with hook strip. Can easily be split in two, or combined with other gymnastics equipment.

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Foam Box

Foam Boxes in set of 3 and 4.

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Side/End extensions

With part of side/end extensions you can make many different setups.

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Covers for foam equipments. We also produce covers in special size.

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